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version = "1.0.0"
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# lxc-limit
lxc-limit - List limits on running containers
List limits and status info on running containers to stdout.
For help use -h or --help:
Usage: lxc-limit [OPTION]
List limits on running containers.
Columns in list:
NAME: Name of container
STATE: Running, Stopped or Unknown
CPUS: Which CPUs that are assingned to the container
Can be one single CPU: 0 or a range: 3-8
or a list of CPUs: 1,2,3-5,7,9
LOADAVG: System load average for the past 1 minute.
MEMORY LIMIT: Available RAM memory for container.
MEMORY SWAP LIMIT: Available total memory for container. RAM + SWAP
MEMORY USAGE: Amount of memory used now.
no args List available limits for all containers
on this host
-h, --help Print this help text and exit
--version Output version information and exit
## Installation
### Linux:
- Download file: lxc-limit-x.x.x-linux-x86_64
- Rename it to lxc-limit and move it to /usr/bin/lxc-limit
- Download file: lxc-limit-x.x.x-man.1.gz
- Rename it to lxc-limit.1.gz and move it to /usr/share/man/man1/lxc-limit.1.gz
Now you can use lxc-limit by just writing **lxc-limit** in your terminal and to view man page: **man lxc-limit**
### Debian package installation amd64
Find the latest release at:
* Download the debian package: lxc-lmimit_x.x.x-x_amd64.deb
* Install with: apt install /path/to/deb/package/lxc-limit_x.x.x-x_amd64.deb
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